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Bruce Rauner, Governor

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   Board of Trustees   

The SERS Board of Trustees consists of thirteen members. Trustees include the Illinois Comptroller, six trustees appointed by the Governor, four active trustees elected by the SERS members, and two retired trustees elected by SERS retirees.

  Chairperson Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza  Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza, Chairperson

  David Morris  David Morris, Elected Member, Vice - Chairperson

  Danny Silverthorn  Danny Silverthorn, appointed by the Governor

  Yasmin Bates-Brown  Yasmin Bates-Brown, appointed by the Governor

  Renee Friedman  Renee Friedman, appointed by the Governor

  Thomas Allison  Thomas Allison, appointed by the Governor

 Carl A. Jenkins  Carl A. Jenkins, appointed by the Governor

  Jeremy Hawk  Jeremy Hawk, Elected Member

    Shaun Dawson, Appointed by the Board

  Stephen Mittons  Stephen Mittons, Elected Member

  John Tilden  John Tilden, Elected Retiree

  Alan Latoza  Alan Latoza, Elected Retiree

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Susana A. Mendoza
David Morris
Danny Silverthorn
Yasmin Bates-Brown
Renee Friedman
Thomas Allison
Carl A. Jenkins
Jeremy Hawk
Shaun Dawson
Stephen Mittons
John Tilden
Alan Latoza
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