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   Disability Application Packets Section   

Applying for Disability

This section provides you with all of the information you need to apply for Disability Benefits from State Employees' Retirement System, all in one convenient location.

You must meet all of the requirements for the disability benefit you are applying for. Each disability requirements are listed below.

   Non-Occupational Disability  

   Occupational Disability  

Must have 18 months of creditable service at the time you are removed from the payroll;

A medical leave of absence must be granted by your agency;

The cause of the injury or illness is not work related;

Must be a member of State Employees' Retirement System at the time of the accident or injury;

The accident or injury is work related;

You must receive benefits from the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act;

   SERS Handbook 

The SERS Member Handbook presents you with a general overview of your benefits. It explains SERS eligibility requirements, pension contributions, optional service credit and other overall benefits. These benefits, when combined with other income, are designed to provide you with financial security in retirement.



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Non-Occupational Disability Packet
Occupational Disability Packet
SERS Handbook

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